Top Reasons Why Should Try Microsoft Ads for You Online Business?

Top reasons and benefits to consider Microsoft Ads (formerly BingAds) advertisement for your business.

1. Lower competition
Many advertisers have either tried Microsoft ads in the past and weren’t happy with it or have just heard “Nobody uses Bing”. While it may be true that a majority of people use Google, somewhere between 20-35% of search engine users use one of properties that Microsoft uses to serve their ads on., Yahoo etc

2. Your competition is probably not utilizing Microsoft Ads 
Chances are that your competition is either unaware of the Microsoft ads (BingAds) product or have been told it isn’t worth it. This is the perfect opportunity to gain leverage against your competitors locally.

3. More users will see your ads than before Bing merged with Yahoo
With recent changes to Bing’s search results and the merging of Bing and Yahoo more people will see your ads than when they were separate. Before the search engine alliance you were lucky to get a few hundred impressions a month. That is the time people were unhappy with Bing ads. Time has changed.

4. Lower CPC
With lower competition comes lower cost per click, generally. If you have fewer advertisers bidding for any given position then you generally have a lower average CPC per advertiser. I have clients seeing a 34% lower average CPC in Miscrosoft ads when compared to AdWords.

5. Lower CPA or cost per acquisition
If you are paying less per click to bring quality traffic to your website the common logic shows that your cost per conversion (CPA) will also be lower. I have clients that are paying around 75% less per conversion when compared to Google. However you have fewer conversions using Bing ads so it is still a good idea to have AdWords in your toolbox.

6. Easy to import Google campaigns
If you have finely tuned AdWords campaigns, or even new campaigns, that you would like to use when giving Microsoft Bing ads a try they are super duper easy to import and set up. Within minutes of exporting your account using AdWords Editor you can have all new Microsoft ads campaigns just about ready to start showing on Microsoft properties. (you will need to enter the billing information separately, those can’t be imported )

7. Bing ads interface has come light years to enter the 21st century
It is much easier to manage any size account now. A/B test ads, target by geo-location, view keyword/ads on any level etc. Tons of improvements have been made in the recent months. In mid June 2012 Microsoft Bing ads’s UI has changed dramatically for the better. It is beautiful.

8. Microsoft Advertising has made large efforts to be customer service oriented
They have made large improvements based largely on the feedback of the PPC management community. You can follow them on twitter @Bing ads and they respond. You can request features or vote for suggested features for future consideration Here.

9. Many professional persons/companies to manage your account for you
If you need help managing or setting up an account Microsoft advertising has a Pro member directory that you can look through to find a company or individual to hire for management of your PPC account/s.  Here is my listing AdCenter Management

To sum up this post: Yes use BingAds for PPC. Clicks are cheaper, conversions cost less. And your competition is most likely ignoring it.

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